„ Try (hd0,0):EXT2:_” -- Boot error, what happened ?

Hi, after about 20+ boots Mint13 failed with the error message above.
This message stems from AutoNeoGrub0.mbr . 1.What does it mean ? 2.Something changed ?
Thanx for help.
menu.lst in C:/NST is empty

/sda2 Vista , boot
/sda3 ntfs
/sda1 Mint13, Grub2
/sda4 Windows 8

/sdb1 ntfs
/sdb2 swap
/sdb3 home

Edit: I should have written: 'Help, it doesn't work !'
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This is a multiboot system with 2 SSD's and 3 Operating systems.
Vista, Windows 8, and Mint13 . After a while Mint13 stops booting.
[ I had a similar thing happenig last Summer, with Mint starting form SSD2 .
That failed too. Now I tried booting Mint from SSD1 .]

I would appreciate if someone from the Team could explain the
errormessage "Try (hd0,0):EXT2:" which is written by EasyBcd .
Afaik in Linux hd 0,0 is not a possible device, it starts with hd 0,1 .