2 HDD one win7/U one with linux mint 13 mate....help please !

Hello everyone. Thanks for any help anyone can provide in advance. I recently thought i had a hard drive crash, but was able to transfer my windows 7 OS to another HDD. I saved it, but i didn't realize I had a virus and some malware on the newly transfered OS. I managed to fix it and windows 7 is now running fine. Before i fixed the viruses and malware ,however , I decided to buy a new hard drive and install a linux distro...I unplugged the windows 7 HDD and plugged in the new one just to be safe. I installed linux mint 13 mate with codecs using a live dvd burn by forcing BIOS to boot from the DVD drive. The two operating systems are running fine. Is it ok to plug both hard drives into the motherboard ? I had tried to plug them both in together before and it always wanted to boot into linux.(at the time i was running linux ubuntu 11.04) So how do i go about plugging both in @ the same time ? After i do get them both plugged in I need to set up EasyBCD to give me an option to boot whatever OS I choose or a timer with both os's in a chain startup...maybe a 20 second delay then boot to other OS. My main concern is plugging both HDD in with OS's on both already set up and running with user accounts.

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Well to plug them both in at the same time would require us to know if they are IDE or SATA Drives and if you have enough available ports to have them both plugged in and operational at the same time.

If you do then just plug them in. Make sure that the drive with Windows is the drive that boots from within the BIOS. From there use EasyBCD and create an entry for Linux.


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Make sure you use EasyBCD 2.2 beta.
where can i get the beta version...? not seeing a link to it on main page...?


OK, I have the beta 180 build now. My entries options are as follows when i select "add a new entry".

Name : NeoSmart Linux


Automatically locate and load

Drive 0
Partition 1 (Linux-110GiB)
Partition 2 (Swap -2GiB)
Drive 1
Partition 1 (D:\ as NTFS - 70 GiB)
Partition 2 (C:\ as NTFS -862 GiB)
Drive 2
Partition 1 (I:\ as FAT -956 MiB)
Drive 3
Partition 1 (H:\ as FAT - 2 GiB)
Drive 4
Partition 1 (J:\ as FAT32- 4 GiB)
Drive 5
Partition 1 (G:\ as FAT32-298 GiB)

I am guessing I should use one of the first 2 Drives, but not sure. It has been booting directly into windows 7 after having plugged both hard drives into the MOBO. It gave me 1 option after BIOS screen (windows7 or something like that ?) so which entry do i choose ? C\: in windows 7 is my main windows drive i am currently using. D:\is my recovery for windows7. Notice Drives 2-5 in my machine are redundant backup devices & dedicated page file RAM(readyboost)usb devices. Not sure about Linux Mint 13 mate on the other drive as i just installed it a few days ago. I am not too familiar with linux yet.

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That is cause we dont link to Beta on the main page. That is why they are Betas and for internal testing and use only.

If you cant tell us what you should be using, how do you expect us to tell you? We have no idea what you did during the install of Linux Mint. We dont know what options you selected or where you placed the GRUB loader. All of that stuff was done by you during the install of Linux Mint and something you should know.

Try using the first partition that says Linux and not the SWAP partition is the best thing we can tell you. Without knowing if you installed the GRUB loader to the MBR with Windows or onto the Linux Mint drive you will have to do trial and error to get it working. We cant tell you what you should be doing without knowing more specific information.
This is the "overview"

There is one entry in the Windows bootloader.

Default: Windows 7
Timeout: 30 seconds
Boot Drive: C:\

Entry #1
Name: Windows 7
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

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Yes that is correct. That is the entry to boot Windows 7. You need to Add and Entry and then input the information for Linux Mint.