3 sisters project.


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3 Sisters project.

OK, now at the moment I am wondering why must I sit here using VM's an taking a performance hit, I mean recently I passed on all my stock and all my old bench rigs to a friend who bought my business of me so at the moment I am down to 1 main desktop, 2 laptops (I have another but it's to old) and a iMac. So having some liquid cash in the near future and feeling bored I have decided to make myself a new computer lab. An this isn't going to be a rag tag collection of machines I am going to build 3 identical computers all high end an use them for research and development.

The plan for the project is thus:
3 Identical workstations.
All Dual physical processor each one will be Quad core.
All x64
All with 8 - 16 GB DDR2 800FB
All Identical Graphics cards (don't know what type yet)
All with Gigabit networking capability.
All are to have 4TB of disk space.
All are going to have 2 optical drives one of witch will be blueray.
All are going to have SATA
All will have a independent UPS (I know a guy who gets them prity cheep)
Each one is going to have a Uniqe OS one will have Server 08, one will have Linux an another will have FreeBSD.

Each one will be linked to me with a KVM and will be displayed through a 30in display (one of a pair but I cant find a dual monitor KVM), All will have some kind of Virtual machine on each that will give 3.5GB of ram an 50gb of disk space to VM's of XP, Vista, Redhat, Debian, Solaris, an BSD.

Now this may seem overkill for a home lab but I am planning this to be my last major splurge on tech for a while (well 6 months is a while), This will be used for security research, an programming. The 3 sisters will be the main part of this project but I am planning a server that will be Called big brother that will be the final peace of the puzzle it's spec isn't final yet but it's safe to say it will be using a *nix variant.

I will keep this thread updated with part's lists and progress, so what do you guys think?
Yeah that would be nice. With that RAM. My god that would be a massive performance boost for me. :lol:
Yeah i think it is 533 if i am not mistaken. Slower than what you have and said you could get for that PC.
Well I have found the case I want the Antec Titan 650 I am considering some kind of tape drive for back up's but i am not so sure atm on the server yea but what about the work stations?
Thats the case I want 3 of, I have seen IBM tower servers in a 99% identical case an I like working on it.
Heck... what do you need a main server for? With 3-4TB's of space on each machine I doubt you'll run out...

Sign me up for one of those machine adoption programs too... lol
Big brother is going to be somthing kinda special, but it's mostly for back ups an hosting 2 VM's one will be a intranet server the other will be a webserver.