4 OS to boot problems


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I have 4 OS install in one drive

C:\ - English Windows XP
D:\ - Chinese Windows XP
E:\ - English Windows 7
F:\ - Chinese Windows 7

I can boot to each OS by the old MS bootload manager, but when I installed the EasyBCD 2.1.2 and problems start

1. when ask EasyBCD rebuild the bootloader, EasyBCD will not recongnize the D:\ - Chinese Windows XP, only give 3 entry.
2. when use manual select the D:\ to add entry, the new entry only point to C:\ - English Windows XP

I restore all OS and get the old MS bootloader working, but how do I set up the EasyBCD to work with all OS



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The XP entry does not point to XP. It points to the file which points to XP. C was correct.
What do you mean "the old MS boot loader" ?
EasyBCD is not a boot loader. It's an app to help you manage the BCD data store for the MS boot manager.
When you install EasyBCD it doesn't change the boot manager.
If all four systems were booting, why did you need EasyBCD ?