a more unusual WIN7 unmountable disk


I have tried ALL solutions given in this forum. I did download the repair ISO and burned the disk but when it boots from the disk, it hangs on the pretty blue screen and says Setup is loading and never goes any further. I then popped in my WIN7 Ultimate disk, booted, and selected repair and the same thing happens. I cannot get beyond it. Strange thing is if I look at the drive with my Mac (just plugging it in with ESATA cable, everything looks like it should. It simply will not boot. I end up with the BSOD with the unmountable message.

Anyone have any other ideas as how to squeak around this? I am sure this began right after a reboot subsequent to an update. It will not go into safe mode (same error with BSOD). Won't even go to safe mode command prompt.

Thanks for any help offered. I REALLY do not want to do a reinstall if I can avoid it. Computer is a Gateway and Win7 Ultimate 32bit
Sadly, HDD problems which prevent the OS booting can also prevent the repair disk (or the install DVD) from booting too, since it has the unfortunate habit of examining the HDD as it boots (or tries).
A repair disk based on a Linux distro might be able to run some HDD diagnostics and possibly fix enough to get the Windows disks to boot you into the "system restore" option where you could try going back to before the Windows Update that broke the PC. (Binging the web will find such "ultimate boot repair disks")
Failing that you'll be looking at a fresh install.
You can rescue your user data first like this if you can't do it with your Mac.

Thanks, so much. Fact is that I AM backed up so that really isn't the issue I face. This computer is/was running so well that I did not want to have to reinstall everything. This install of Ultimate was actually the best-running machine, save my Mac, that I have ever owned. Until the morning after the updates crashed the mounting of the disk, it was very, very reliable and fast, even tho it was only a 32bit install.
Unless there is a way to force the mounting of the disk by WIN7, I guess I will have to do a re-do. If I AM forced to reinstall, what steps can I take so that this never occurs again??

Jim in Chicago
Before you re-install have you tried "Last Known Good Configuration"? Always the first thing you should try after an update that causes a BSOD. Press F8 as you boot the computer to access it.

Select the WU option to notify you but not automatically install. You'll want to let all critical security updates install asap, the other ones look over closely so if something does break you have a better idea of what caused it.