Accidentally created 2 drives or drive partitions.

I somehow created two drives or drive partitions. When I attempt to run my repair disk, I have the option of choosing: Windows Vista 32-Bit Edition (C:smile: NTFS 15 GIB Active - yes or Windows Vista 32-Bit Edition (D:smile: NTFS 451 GIB Active - No. I don't know how I managed to do this, but I need to combine the two. I am sure that D: is now what should have been C:, but it is not showing as being active now. I can't repair my computer with the disk which is not a discussion for this forum, but I believe this is a problem with that also.

Any suggestions? I need help with this please.


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A bit more detail please.
What are the circumstances ?
Were you installing Vista and ended up with two partitions ?
Is this an old installation and you did something which ended up in this situation ?
What was the something ?
What's on the two partitions ?
My computer crashed after a graphics (game board) failure. My computer pixels started scrambling after an automatic update to the drivers and the board finally failed during a restore process. My computer came back up with a black screen with a white cursor. I removed the ATI card and installed a new GEForce card in its place, but I could not load the installation disc because my cd/dvd player would not work. I downloaded a repair disc on my flash drive and converted it to a bootable iso file. I utilized BCD to convert the cd to iso format. I believe I must have done something during that process that created the 2 partitions. My C: became D: and I also had a c: I know by the size that D: is my hard drive. So when it asked me to select the drive to do the repair, I selected the D:. It was not successful. I am not able to get into my Windows.

Computer Dell 420 XPS
Windows Vista 32 OS


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You're sure that D is your old C.
What files are on C now ?


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Yes, but I wondered what is on it.
Where is your Windows folder, C or D ?
Where is the /boot folder and the bootmgr module ?