Account access issues


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Account expired due to funds not being taken at renewal time due to our bank blocking the transaction as they thought the trasaction was suspect. I resolved the issue with the bank and rearranged payment. The money has cleared my bank and is now sitting with NeoSmart yet my account still has a status of expired and Subscription Cancelled. Been trying for almost 5 days to get this resolved with little or no response from NeoSmart. After a plethera of onesided emails I see in very fine print that NeoSmart will not respond to emails, phonecalls well that is a joke I cannot get the software I've paid for there is no frigging way I am going to part with even more cash to purchase a support plan... wtf....

So now I am going down the route suggested by posting in this forum. Please can I have either my account reactivated or the money returned to my bank. I don't care which as long as it is one or the other. I curious to see whether I get a response doing it this way.


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Hello CHCS,

I apologize for the delays in getting back to you - I've responded to your original email support request at length with some private & sensitive info that I would obviously rather not post here.

The tall and short of it is that the service provider we use for our subscriptions completely failed us on your transaction, charging the invoice but keeping the subscription status as cancelled. I've re-started the subscription from today, and issued you a credit for 10% of your purchase value to apologize again for this bungle-up.

Thank you for understanding!


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Sincere thanks for getting back and I have replied to your email once again thank you very much for your feedback