adding a 2nd disk with ubuntu systems (3) to win 7 boot loader

I have 2 hard drives, one with a win7 system, the other with 3 ubuntu systems.

These 2 drives were each originally the only drive on the system. Now having both in the system, I dual boot by modifying the boot priority order of the hard drives in my bios, and choose save/exit.

I would prefer to not keep changing the bios.

Is there a way to have the win7 boot just sort of jump over to the second disk as if the bios had selected it to boot from? Then I would get a grub menu that gives me the choice of about 5 or 6 things, including 3 different ubuntu systems, a memory diag, etc.

When I run easybcd and choose add new entry and the linux tab, I see

type: grub(legacy)

The drive popup menu show this:

drive 0
 partition 1 (linux 23 gig)
 partition 2 (swap 2 gig)
 partition 3 (linux 33 gig)
 partition 4 (linux 21 gig)
 partition 5 (linux 11 gig)
drive 1
 partition 1 ntfs - 100 MiB
 partition 2 c: as ntfs 89 gib

If I choose grub 2, which I think that's what I have now (it's a recent ubuntu system), under drive, it says automatically locate and load.

Is this what I want to choose here?