Adding Windows 7 VHD installation to Windows 8 Bootloader menu


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Hi all,

I'm hoping somebody in this forum more knowledgeable about BCD and Windows 8 can help me. I'm using Windows 8 as my main OS, but I have a Windows 7 installation on a VHD that I would like to add to the boot menu. However, I can't get it to work no matter what I do. Using EasyBCD doesn't work. Following these instructions from Technet doesn't work. Booting into Windows 7 recovery mode and trying to add the BCD entry doesn't work (even though W7 recovery says it successfully added the entry). Is Windows 8 implementation of BCD really so different that the old methods don't work anymore? Does anyone know how to add a VHD installation of Windows to the W8 boot menu? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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The Windows 7 VHD was previously used and working properly? It was created on the same hardware?