Adding XP to a new PC


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I have a new PC running Win10 on Drive 1 partition 2. Boot partition (It boots directly to now)
I have restored Windows7_OS from an older PC to Drive 0 partition 2 (I can't get it to boot)
I have restored DocfxitXP from an older PC to Drive 0 partition 3 (I can't get it to boot)
I'd really like to get XP to boot. EasyBCD says it's booting in EFI mode. When I try to ADD New Entry the Type is greyed out.
Is there something I can change in the BIOS to allow XP to be configured to boot?

I have turned off Secure Boot.
I have enabled CSM
I have changed Boot Mode to Auto (To allow both UEFI and Legacy)
I have configured EasyBCD to boot both Win10 and Win7.
It doesn't show me a boot menu to choose between them when it boots.

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Hi Terry,

I have seen that web page. It says I can add Win7 to a system running EFI. When I boot this machine I don't see a boot menu.
Why is that?



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They can't both be on C.
EasyBCD uses the disk letters as mapped by the registry of the system it's running on.
When W10 is running, whatever letter it shows in Explorer for the W7 partition is the one you must point to when you "add new entry".
It doesn't matter what letter W7 calls itself when it's booted, only what the running OS sees it as.
(There are no disk letters in the BCD, just unintelligible UID addresses hashed from a combination of the HDD unique signature and the physical offset of the partition from the disk start. EasyBCD translates those for you (both input and output) into easily understood letters for your convenience, but you must both be talking the same language. i.e. the partition/volume mapping in use on the running OS)