After confirming license, EasyBCD fails to start


I have been following the guide for creating a dual boot of Windows 7 and XP. Everything looks fine so far except that I cannot get EasyBCD to run on XP. I have installed the prerequisite updates for EasyBCD and have authenticated both versions of Windows. Easy BCD installs - the issue comes when I try to run it: a box pops up informing me that I have a non-commercial version. When I click "ok" the box disappears and nothing else happens. If I click "cancel" it launches a web browser.

Reinstalling it does not fix the problem. I have searched for a solution but have not been able to find anyone else having this problem.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post - I look forward to any possible solutions you may be able to offer.


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You don't need to run EasyBCD on XP.
Run EasyBCD on W7 and add an entry to the BCD for XP, letting EasyBCD auto-configure.
When you boot W7 next, it will give you a boot selection menu where you can choose to start either W7 or XP.