Any love for Neosmart's Easy Recovery?


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Got tasked with fixing a recent Lenovo EFI-boot Windows 8.1 minitower with a failing HDD. Cloned it to a new drive in a non-EFI machine I keep around for just such purposes. Machine wouldn't boot, error 0xc0000225
Google tossed up Easy Recovery, and it looks pretty good. Anybody using it, and if so are the Technician versions worth the money?

Any Updates???


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I have the same error 0xc0000225 problem with my wife's work Acer W8 notebook, invested in EasyRE for Windows 8, installed it to a bootable USB through Easy USB Creator Lite after many issues (I found the problem lay with the fact I was using a W10 machine to set it up & lucky enough I have another with W8.1 & it successfully installed on that) but the corrupted laptop still wouldn't boot up from the new USB even though I could access the BIOS through the UEFI option on the error screen to force a USB boot. :disrelieved:
I created a new recovery USB disk on my other 8.1 ASUS machine & it booted up & I could access the repair tools, but its very very slow, the screen currently shows "Attempting repairs" but I'll leave it on overnight to see if it has progressed any further.
Worst case scenario is a dead HD but at least I'm trying - here's hoping...might be a visit to PC World tomorrow if no luck!

UPDATE: Could not repair! trying one last alternative method, but don't hold much faith....looking like a replacement is on the cards... :disrelieved::disrelieved:


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Definitely useless. And you got no response from so called support email ””. I had waited for 30 hours. You can read my thread (link below ). I will demand refund
Hello Char,

I believe I was communicating with you via email, in response to your support request I did respond on February 21st explaining that the drive was likely wiped and needed a reinstall, I also offered to send you the installation image free of charge. Unfortunately I never got a reply back from you.
I have gone ahead and refunded your purchase.

Have a nice day.