App Needed: Tell me what I have in my PC!


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I need a tool that will tell me what my motherboard is and all other hardware!

Right now :tongueout: Okay, when you can. :smile:
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Were you so upset with your gf that she's been banished from your Avatar ?
ccleaner doesnt tell you anything about your motherboard and stuff. it only gives you spu, ram and graphics card.
CPu-z is probably the best one and its free!!!
Thank you so much, people. What is actually going on is that my gf installed Ubuntu and reinstalled Windows XP Home on her PC. I only showed her the screenshots of XP installation, and about Ubuntu she was just reading a bit around and installed it. I was surprised! :S Wow, I think she is a geek now :glare:

Were you so upset with your gf that she's been banished from your Avatar ?

Well, Terry, after some time you just get used to that, you know what I mean? We're okay right now. And I'm kinda proud of her for being like that... trying out different stuff...

About the Avatar, well, I don't know what to say about it :ldown:

For Ubuntu she says "It rocks!" :lol: But at first she was like "do you know Linux?" I was "Yeah, why?" she said "I was told that its made only for a programmers, even Linux for noobs makes me run away" and I THOUGHT that she got that info out of some smart guy again and said "A person who told you that doesn't know anything about Linux!" and she said "well, I was reading stuff online and it looks so.." I was then playing a bit smartie "no dear, I'm your 15 minutes tutorial of how to get Windows and Linux running" :tongueout: thats how it started :grinning:

im glad things are better for you two ^_^

as for the program, you pretty much just need

it will tell you a whole lot, but everest and that other one Sir Guru said are very nice too