Automated repair worsened the situation.

Situation: Boot-up files are either deleted or corrupted. Blank DOS-like screen showing up whenever attempting to boot windows.

Action Taken: Used EasyRE Automated Repair.

Result: The computer's BIOS will now attempt to load Windows and freezes on the BIOS loader screen. Cannot use any startup functions and therefore cannot tell it to switch to a different boot device.

It made it worse is all I can say, really.


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Did you run the repair three times ? (as it says in the wiki).

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How do you know it made it worse if you never tried to select a different boot device before using the automated repair feature? What does a DOS-like screen mean? There are billions of screens that can look like DOS. So by saying that you dont give any information and for all we know, the system was this far corrupted before you even attempted to use EasyRE.