BCD on recovery partition


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Hi guys -really hope you can help on this one.

I have a HP 6735s laptop - being HP, it comes with a recovery partition (press Esc for menu, then F11 for recovery).

I recently wiped the whole hdd (backed up the recovery partition first) - then re-created the partitions (1 C:\ drive with 223Gb (no label)(NTFS) - 1 D:\ Drive (named HP_RECOVERY) with 9GB(NTFS) and 1 E:\ drive with 1Gb (named HP_TOOLS)(FAT32).

I then installed XP (had to change SATA mode in BIOS) - this worked fine for a while, but kept on freezing - it seems the drivers cause issues in XP. So i decided to revert back to Vista - easy option would be to use recovery (F11).

I press F11 but an error comes on screen - something like "Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible" - i downloaded EasyBCD to repair this - but it doesnt see anything within the BCD file? It says invalid entries or none found?? -

Basically HP boot into a WinPE environment, then it opens HP's own Recovery Environment.

Since i re-partitioned the drive, it seems the GUID in the BCD cannot find the correct drive to use the HP recovery - No files have been deleted or altered.

Any advice pls?
Hi jcoxy, welcome to NST

Playing around with the mbr or changing the disk structure (even if you kept a copy of the recovery partition) on some models will make it permantly impossible to use the recovery option. You will need to use a recovery disk set if HP provided you with one instead or contact them and probably purchase a set for a fee. Otherwise, all you can do is re-install with the installation media.