bcdedit one time boot problem

im having difficulty configuring a onetime boot using bcdedit
Im booting into windows 7 32bit and running a batch file to use the one time boot option in bcdedit this is meant to start windows 10 64bit but fails with an error code 0xc000000e cannot find windows\system32\winload.exe.
The batch file looks like:
bcdedit /bootsequence {45ff5c1a-d7b8-11e6-b79a-b938072354bc}
Shutdown /r /f /t 5 /c "Booting Windows 10 64bit"

I use the same batch (different ID) to one time boot Windows 7 64bit which works fine.
I can also start all versions of windows (including Windows 10) from boot using the windows 7 boot menu.
Windows 7 32bit & 64bit are on the same drive just different partitions windows 10 64bit is on its own drive.

Am I doing something stupid which I can’t see?

bcdedit config_1.png
I found the answer to my problem and thought I would say just in case anyone else runs into the same problem. I can’t really see to many people wanting to use that command but just in case.

It was quite a longwinded way I found the problem so I just say what I found the solution was for me.

The problem was to do with the bios on the PC I had something called fast boot enabled in the bios I did notice that this seemed to disable the keyboard on boot but worked fine when the computer booted. The fast boot disables some items of hardware to make the boot process faster im not really sure what it was doing with the one time boot command in bcdedit but after disabling fast boot I was able to boot into all operating systems using the command I stated in my first post.


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Good. I disabled Fast Boot on mine too.
If one has Windows 10 it also has an additional "Fast Startup" which can be disabled: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10
I find things behave better when both are off.


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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I had that in mine too., Now off.