Black screen after bootmanager

I looked in this forum but didn't find anything like my problem.

I read an article about booting from a VHD file.
So I created a VHD -image- of my old system and I'm able to mount it in win 7 and have fully aces. So the file is Ok.

I had to use easybcd and put it in there and I could boot it if wanted.
I only get a black screen after the boot screen. No blinking cursor, nothing. Reboot or power off is the only way.

I made a copy of c:\boot and after copying the copy back to c:\boot with a bootDVD it worked fine again, of cource without XP.

Now what I did exact:
The orignal BCD file:

1 easybcd org.jpg 2 easybcd org deb.jpg

Then adding the VHD file:
3 easy bcd xp.jpg

The BCD file looks like this:
4 easy bcd xp bootmenu.jpg 5 easy bcd xp bootmenu deb.jpg

The bootmenu(I had to use my camera, I don't know how to make this screendump otherwise):
6 bootman.jpg

So far no problem (ok, it is in Dutch....)

Ervery option, win 7 , xp, F8 all end in a black screen. No cursor, nothing.

I'm glad, I made a copy of the c:\boot directory.

Did I do something wrong?
Who can help or guide me?