\Boot\BSD issues


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Like many people who have found their way here, I am having troubles with my bootloader. I've posted the majority of my problem on the microsoft forums, to no avail: \Boot\BSD issues

Strangely though, After posting my initial thread on the microsoft forums, I did everything the same and the automated recovery worked. I used my computer all day, shut it down, and I'm now back at the same point.

The only update to this is that I now have a functional keyboard! So, going into the manual recovery options on this site, I started doing a manual recovery. I got as far as:

attrib -h -s C:\boot\BCD

however I get back that it cannot find that directory.

Any ideas why automated recovery worked once, and why I now can't find my C:\ drive? cd C:\ in the command prompt returns nothing



Win 7 X64 , Intel core i7