boot config store error[pretty urgent]


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Any help would be appreciated, I'm having trouble accessing the boot config store file, I've checked in the VDS for the drive with the system label(SYSTEM RESERVED) but i can't seem to explore or mount the volume etc.(and thus can't access the boot config file)

In control panel I have made it so I can see hidden volumes, I was gonna reboot to see if the changes would take effect but this error just popped up:

Any advice would be *strongly* appreciated, I really don't know what to do and worried since this is the only computer I have access too.


Nevermind, I reinstalled it and now I feel a bit silly, all I had to do was assign a file location letter in computer management under disk management.

If anyone reads this at a later date and this is elaborate enough feel free to PM me since my account is set up to receive emails when I get PMs from users.
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