Boot device reverts back to original. :\

"Change boot drive" copies the boot files to a new location. It doesn't alter the current ones
Stopping and starting EasyBCD won't change where your OS is currently booted from, only rebooting it will do that.
If the location you copied the boot files to, is on a different HDD, you will not only need to reboot, you will also need to change the BIOS boot sequence to make sure that the boot process uses the new copies instead of continuing with the old ones.
Changing the Boot Partition - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Thanks for your reply.
I did that. I changed the boot drive from C:frowning:windows xp) to E:frowning:windows 7) which is on a separate hdd, and then changed the boot drive to that hdd. It shows me the same choices as the previous bootloader but when I select the windows xp option the system simply restarts. Should I be worried about this when installing ubuntu?
Check that "system" in Disk Management is now on the W7 partition (that's the location of the boot files which were used to start the OS marked "boot")
If it is, you have successfully switched.
Just delete the XP entry from the BCD and add a new copy (auto-configure) if the XP choice isn't working.