boot disc problem


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Please help. This is the first time posting for help, so please bare with me, thanks. I have a problem of only being able to boot using windows discs when i try to boot using ubuntu nothing happens black screen and blinking cursor. the ubuntu boot disk works on all my other computers (running win7) but the problematic computer was built for vista. tried booting ubuntu with a clean HDD, without a HDD, a HDD with win7 installed ect. i want to get rid of windows all together and just have ubuntu. tried flushing the CMOS, resetting BIOS Ever since I tried to install XP over Vista it hasn't been the same. that was before i knew XP was 32bit and Vista 64. both are HP OEM discs PROBLEMATIC computer is a HP Pavilion PC a6123w with only factory installed hardware. Thank you for your time and help. -Matt

Mak 2.0

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Is the BIOS set to boot from CD? Most pre-built machines have it set to boot directly to the hard drive since the OS is already installed and there is no need to boot from an optical device.