Boot manager problem


I am having a problem with a computer that will not boot into windows. Windows 7 Home Premium. It would go past the Windows logo but freeze on a black screen with the mouse cursor. After going to startup repair it shows the boot manager problem with \boot\bcd. After doing some research online I ran across the Nuclear Holocaust and tried this. Now instead of loading or having the options for safe mode etc I have a winload.exe error. Any thoughts on how I can go about fixing this? Also worth mentioning that the bcd file is located at c:\boot\bcd while the windows folders are located on drive D:\windows. Any help is much appreciated!



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I have tried doing a startup repair. And I have now tried doing the repairs from the KSoD link Terrry60 listed above. Any other thoughts?


One thing to mention. I tried the sticky key fix from the KSoD link and did get the sticky key screen with the options "Yes" or "No" but do not have the link to go to the Ease of Access Center.