Boot multiple versions of Linux???


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I received no answers to this question, so I'll rephrase it.

Is EasyBCD capable of recognizing multiple versions of Linux? If so, how do I set it up? It currently always selects the first (original install) and refuses to boot the second (newer install).

Jerry in Anchorage
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EasyBCD's entry auto-searches for location of grub (especially for grub2) so no you'll need to add an entry and adjust the menu.lst/grub.conf so the entries for all linux installs are available in a second boot menu.
I figured it out!! YAHOOOOO!!

Thank you Kairozamorro for the reply. I was in my second install of Simply Mepis Linux when you posted it. I went back several pages of posts and found two listings that seemed similar to my problem. I merged the responses in my head and here is what I came up with. (Very similar to your reply, I think.)

Here is how I achieved my goal of Quad booting Vista, Seven, Simply Mepis 8, and Simply Mepis 8.5 Beta. This might not be the accepted or correct method; however, it worked in my situation.

1. EASY cannot enter two GRUB (or NeoGRUB) entries. They are essentially duplicates.
2. When the operator tries to enter two, the system seems to just stop looking after the first one and boots it.
3. You need to merge the second Linux (menu.lst) entry into the first (menu.lst) so that when you select a Linux entry both (or how many you have) are displayed in the only Linux entry.
4. I removed all of what I considered "worthless Crap" from the menu.lst file in the initial install of Mepis.
5. I copied the first entry (4 or 5 lines of text) describing which kernal I wanted to load from the second install menu.lst and pasted it into the first install menu.lst.
6. Don't forget to save the newly modified file.
7. Reboot and select the Linux entry, and WhoopDeeDo, there are two entries for Linux.
8. Choose the one you want, and you are on your way.

I do not, under any circumstances, claim to be an expert in the use of EasyBCD or (especially) Linux. In fact, I may just be about as dumb as a box of rocks; however, as one of my aircraft simulator instructors once told me, "Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then."

Thanks for a really great program.

Jerry in Anchorage

PS: For anyone considering learning Linux, I highly recommend Simply Mepis. I tried 3 or 4, including Ubuntu, and did not care for any of them. Mepis seems closer (to me) to Windows than the others. I'm a satisfied user with no stake in the distro.
Congrats, Jerry.

Your steps were perfectly correct - seems you're getting to be a regular dual-booting expert :smile: