Boot Windows 8 from the Windows 7 bootscreen

Hello everybody,

I want to add a Windows 8 Pro installation to my Windows 7 bootloader.
(during Windows 8 Installation all other HDD and SSD have been set offline to avoid bootsector-overwriting)
Windows 8 is located on an extra HDD and can be started direct if I set this HDD to 1st bootdevice in BIOS.

But starting W8 form W7 bootloader will result in the following error-message:
Status: 0xc0000428
Windows can not verify the digital signature for this file. :rage:

I think it´s because I want to start Windows 8 from the older Windows 7 bootloader.
(it works if I do it the other way round / Starting everything from the Windows 8 bootloader,
than I can choose between 2x Windows7, 2x XP, 1x Windows8)>.<

For me Windows 8 :x is just an additional test-system what will not be used all days and I really hate to start the bootloader from the slow Windows8 HDD
and not from the "Windows 7 SSD"
And I really do not want to install the Windows8 bootloader on my Windows7 SSD.:tongueout:oint:

Is there any chance that I can change something with EasyBCD 2.2
that if I choose Windows 8 in the startup-menue on the Windows7 SSD
that it´s just starting the Windows 8 HDD like the bios does (and than closes the Windows7 bootloader to avoid the error-message):tongueout:oint:

Would be great if somebody can help me.:smile:

Hope my English is not to bad.:glare:
Greetigs from Germany


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Just rename bootmgr on W7 to bootmgr7 (or what you will) and copy bootmgr from W8 to W7.
You can always revert to the status quo if you decide to remove W8.
Thank you very much, Terry :smile:

I did it that way and everything works fine (even starting Windows 8 from the "Winows 7 SSD "):happy:

For everybody who can´t find the windows bootmgr:
Windows 7 creates a hidden 100 MB partition (not assigned with a letter)
You have to give that partition a letter (see my screen-shot / sorry German version)
Than you will find the bootmgr.
By the way:
The same solution will help if EasyBCD tells you that it can not find the bootinformation
(or something like that / it´s long ago that I got this error-message)

Best regards
Hello again;

hope this picture will explain better how to assign the 100MB boot-partition with a letter.

By the way
I found the programm "classic shell" which gave me back the start button etc. for windows 8