Boot WinPE like EasyBCD does - from commandline

Hi everyone!

I created a WinPE Boot USB stick by using Windows WAIK. After that I copied all Files from the stick to D:\WinPE\ on my Win7 Computer. (Systempartition is C: )
Now I wanted to change BCD to boot this WinPE after next restart.
I did it with EasyBCD and it worked fine. Just Add New Entry > WinPE, choose the boot.wim file and choose Add Entry. After that I changed the default value in Edit Boot Menu to WinPE.

Now my question: I want to automate this process. Is there a way to do this steps by using bcdedit.exe tool from windows?
Is it possible to figure out how EasyBCD configures BCD ?

Thanks for your help!


Okay, I solved my problem.
This article explains how to boot WinPE from a Win7 System by using bcdedit.exe.

At these lines

  1. bcdedit /set {ramdiskoptions} ramdisksdidevice partition=c:
  2. bcdedit /set {ramdiskoptions} ramdisksdipath \WinPE\boot\boot.sdi

it is important, to check wheather the path to boot.sdi is correct. The path should be c:\WinPE\boot\boot.sdi in this example.