BootGuard removal request -- urgent!

I have been trying to reach NeoSmart's Premium Tech Support to no avail!

I have been using EasyBCD since 2017 (and I am still using the same hardware setup). I have several OS systems on my PC, the most important of which are TWO Windows 10 installations, and Windows 7.

Last November, the EasyBCD's metro menu disappeared, and I was obliged to boot into my systems directly from BIOS. In an effort to re-install the said metro menu, I purchased EasyRe again (since the EasyRe that I had purchased in 2017 was apparently out-of-date, and was not repairing the said metro menu). All that the new EasyRe did, when it attempted to repair the boot menu, was to install BootGuards on my Windows 10, and now I am worse off, because I cannot boot to either Windows 10 from BIOS! (I have tried all the possible BIOS UEFI combinations.)

Can someone tell me plainly how I can remove the BootGuards please? I can still see my folders via my Windows 7, which I can still boot into.
Hi Ex_Brit, thank you for your reply.

The link that you have found is for Intel's BootGuard. My BootGuard is not Intel's! It's NeoSmart's, and was installed via their product EasyRe. The two BootGuards are simply not the same.

Have NeoSmart's Premium Support already began their Christmas holidays? Where are they?
I have sent yet another e-mail .... please keep in mind that my original e-mail was sent to on 1st December. I eventually got a reply from them on 5th December, to which I had replied the same day .... and I haven't heard from them since. Do they get it that this is an emergency?


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It still should have reached them and would get an instant auto-reply and then a manual one 2 - 5 days afterwards. Check your ISP';s webmail servers also your Junk and /or Spam folders. They are located in Chicago Il USA by the way.
Since my original e-mail did reach them, I am sure that my subsequent reply dated 5th December arrived as well. However, with respect to my reply, I received nothing so far. (It's not in the Junk or Spam folders, either.)

May I dare ask if you are in physical contact with them, or do you communicate with them through online means only?
Please keep me posted if they reply to you.

From my end, you are the only one from NeoSmart who is trying to help me with my emergency, that was caused directly by the BootGuard installed by EasyRe. I have also requested a refund, but to no avail. I have also requested Premium Support, but also to no avail. It's just terrible. Two weeks have gone by, and no substantial technical assistance has been offered.


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I am not Neosmart, but a volunteer on this website so unless I have the software onboard my machine I have little to go on as far as help. I have never used EasyRE. I just made a long-distance call to the owner who is away I think. I left a message with their answering service. There is nothing more I can do.