Booting into Puppy Linux

I downloaded both Wary Puppy and Lucid Puppy as iso files and set them up to boot in EasyBCD.
When I choose them from the boot menu, they load and I see the puppy face, then it says:
lupu_528.sfs not found.
But when I browse the iso file I can see that this file is in the root of the iso file.

What can I do to make this run normally?
Ah, I figured it out. You have to extract the sfs file from the iso and put it in the root of the drive so Puppy can find it when it loads. Puppy loads and finds the sfs file and proceeds just fine, but I see a quick flash of a garbled screen - just a split second, and then the screen goes black and there's nothing - nothing on the screen, no response to the keyboard, nothing.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
That's something you'll have to take up with the puppy Linux team, I've addressed this many times and unfortunately the answer doesn't change: EasyBCD uses industry standard bios hooks to virtualize the bootdrive. CDs that don't ask questions and just boot will work fine. Those that try to outsmart the BiOS will usually fail.