Bootloader and bootmanager on different hard disks in windows 10

Is it something I can do with easyBCD to get bootloader and bootmanager to the same drive. Drive C: The bootmanager is on drive N:.
And Can I use EasyBCD to get Windows 10 bootloader at startup instead of windows 7.


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If you are dual-booting W7 and W10. you must already be using the W10 bootmgr.
W7 bootmgr cannot load W10 boot loader (invalid digital signature). This is true of any combination of older bootmgr and newer winload.
When you installed W10 with W7 already present (and marked "active" in the MBR partition table), W10 will have installed its bootmgr in place of the W7 version (and on the W7 partition)
Look at the size of bootmgr. W7 is around 375kB and W10 nearer 392kB.
So the answer to question 2 is, you already are.
If you really mean to ask if you can have the blue graphic menu instead of the older command-line version, you just need to tick the "Metro" box on EasyBCD "edit boot menu".
As to question 1, have a read of this
Changing the Boot Partition