BOOTMGR is missing and no OS

Hey. I really need some help!
Im a bit of a newbie but i just brought a computer from a guy who formatted the hard drive (apparently a few times) before i brought it. I have the Windows 7 Prof disk and so i thought i could load it myself. So there is no OS and the hard drive is completly blank.
When i start the computer it says:
"boot from CD/DVD" then "BOOTMGR is missing"
I have no idea how to get it to work!?
Can anyone help!??



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With the DVD in the tray, power on, then when you see "press any key to boot from CD/DVD", press a key.
(just once.)
During the install process, the PC will reboot a couple of times, and you'll see the message again.
Don't "press any key.." on the reboots. That would start from the very beginning over and over in an infinite loop.