BSOD when try to install XP on new partition


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up a dual boot with win7 Pro factory installed and I want to install XP for the dual boot. The computer came with win7 Home Premium installed and I upgraded to win7 pro for the xp mode. I’m not happy with the xp mode, so decided to go for a dual boot system.

All malware/spyware/anti virus scans come back clean and the computer has been cleaned and defragged.

I’ve researched the forum threads and I’ve read Terry’s FAQ and Coolname007’s Steps for multibooting with EasyBCD, but can’t find an answer to my problem. Maybe I’m attempting things in the wrong order.

My computer is a new Toshiba Notebook model: L555D-S7930
AMD Turion II Dual Core M500, 2200 Mhz
Chipset: AMD 785GX
BIOS - Toshiba V1.00, 9/3/2009
HD: Fujitsu MJA2250BH G2 ATA Device
Display: AMD M860G with ATI Mobility Radeon 4100
Video Driver by ATI Technologies 7/29/2009 Ver. 8.634.1.0

I used Acronis Disk Director to reduce the C: volume and then created an active 20GB partition for the xp install. That went OK and the computer recognizes both partitions.

I inserted the xp cd and rebooted the computer. I thought I would get an option of which partition I wanted to use to install xp. Instead, I immediately received a BSOD with the following stop code:
Stop 0x00000007B (0XF78DA63C, 0X0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

When I remove the xp cd, win 7 boots normally. I expected the xp install on the new partition to be straight forward, but obviously, I’m missing something.

I’m not sure when/how to install/use EasyBCD. I had planned on installing EasyBCD after the installation of xp. I thought running EasyBCD after the xp install would correct any potential problems regarding setting up the dual boot. I don’t think EasyBCD will help until I get xp installed.

I tried installing xp Home, and do have an xp pro cd I could try, but there is a BSOD conflict before the installation process starts, so I don’t think xp Home or Pro is the problem. I don’t have the problem of the computer recognizing one OS instead of the other because I can’t get the xp OS to install.

If anyone could take a few minutes to point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,


May you take a look at my post HERE!

As the BSOD is producing a Crash Dump File you can read that file and get a explanation as well.

Hope that helps a bit
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Terry and Reimar,

Thanks for the quick response. Sorry I wasn't able to get back until Sunday night.

Since the computer doesn't have a floppy drive, I need to slipstream xp with SP3 and try again. I'll report back after the new attempt.

Thanks again,