burned Vista recovery disc won't boot properly


Sorry for the dumb question, but I can't seem to get the burned Vista disc to boot up. I downloaded the .iso and burned it using Imgburn, but every time I put it into the drive it simply opens a folder with all the contents rather than loading. I've tried mounting it with Daemon tools as well, with the same result.

Any chance anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?
Hello kibs,

By "boot" you need to actually restart the computer and have it boot from the DVD. It doesnt work within Windows and it can't be used for installation (repairs only).
Thank you so much, any chance you could tell me which repair option I should choose so that I may install sp2 correctly?
If you can boot Vista to open the recovery disk in Explorer, then you don't really have a use for it.
It's for repairing a broken boot, or accessing system restore or the recovery console when the system isn't booting.
What exactly did you download it for ? What problem are you trying to fix ?
I'm trying to install service pack 2, and I heard the only way to do it was with the vista installation disc. Basically I have every problem listed here. Thanks again for your support.
I just let WUD apply SP2 for me, and it went without a hitch.
Have you actually had a failure, or are you just anticipating problems ?
About the only thing our recovery disk could help you with would be if SP2 had borked your system and you couldn't boot it. Then you could use it to access System Restore and take your OS back to the checkpoint it wrote just before it attempted the SP2 install.
If you've had a WUD problem, you can get free support from MS. (about the only time they won't charge you)
I've had about 15 failures, after trying everything listed on the Microsoft website. No matter what I do I keep getting the "NO_INTERFACE(0x80004002)" error. Service Pack 2 isn't listed as an update in my Windows Updater (and I've checked and made sure I'm not already running it). I've run the System Update Readiness tool as well, with no luck. I was trying this disc because of this response:

"in order to fix this problem ....you have to uninstall antivirus programs......stop all non microsoft services, using msconfig.....insert vista sp1 cd ..that came with the computer.....run setup.exe.....click 'install'....then it asked if you want to install with updates....select not at this time..after you do a clean install, your programs and media should still be intacted. this process takes 2 or 3 hrs. after install.....click start, run , type services.msc ....stop windows update service. now install standalone vista sp2 file ....its about 348 mb....it should work....once everything is installed, restart. and turn windows update back on....thats it! ...i was on the phone with microsoft for hours and we finally got it by following these steps."

Thanks again for all your help~
Sadly, our recovery CD can't help with reinstalling. Borrowing a Vista DVD from a friend and using your own key to reinstall Vista is your only hope if all restore and recovery options have failed.
Getting a Live Linux distro, booting it and rescuing your personal data to external storage might be a wise course of action first. It's always handy to have around as a way to circumvent Windows permission and ownership hurdles anyway, a good thing to have in the IT toolbox.