can´t boot windows 98


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I have partitioned my HDD into four primary partitions:
NTFS for windows 10
NTFS for windows XP
FAT32 for windows 98SE
FAT16 For MSDOS 6.22/Windows 3.11
EASYBCD shows no error on adding entries but only boots Windows 10, XP and MSDOS.
When I select Windows 98 to boot, it boots MSDOS/Windows 3.11


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Windows before XP could not dual-boot and the boot code required that the OS be at the start of the HDD.
You can multi-boot one of them via EasyBCD, but it still has to be at the front of the HDD, before all of the later (less fussy) OSs.
Hence the emphasis above.
You can't have more than one OS being the first one on the HDD.