Can EasyBCD handle logical partitions?


I installed
xp on /dev/hda1
vista on /dev/hda2
then on /dev/hda3 i created a swap partition (for suse installation)
on /dev/hda4 is the extended partition and
on /dev/hda5 the logical partition is opensuse (grub is also installed there)
so i choose in easybcd drive 0 and partition 5 but the bootloader doesnt boot! has easybcd problems with logical partitions or is it only possible with primary partitions?

i can boot it with xp when i add the suseboot.bin (i read the first 512bytes out of hda5) and added the file in boot.ini - that works !

Hi pjotr, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies,

Under Windows, the drive and partition letters are sometimes different - try other drive/partition combos in EasyBCD to get it work.

But - there's a shortcut.
EasyBCD is backwards compatible with *.bin boot files from previous setups.
If you already have suseboot.bin:

Add entry of type Linux-Grub, and set anything for the drive and partition.
Rename suseboot.bin to nst_grub.mbr and stick it in c:\nst\ overwriting the existing nst_grub.mbr.

Reboot - select Linux from the Vista boot menu, and you're in :smile:

Good luck!

(PS, if you liked EasyBCD, spread the word and tell everyone who uses Vista about it!!!)
That's great news pjotr, glad to hear EasyBCD was up to the job.
You should spread the word, the more people that use EasyBCD the more incentive we have to continue to improve and build on EasyBCD's proven reliable infrastructure.