Can EasyBCD remove active flags from linux format partitions?

Can EasyBCD remove active flags from linux format partitions? I have two separate drives, on for windows 7 and one for Ubuntu 14.04 and both are marked active in windows. The Ubuntu drive is not ntfs and has no drive letter.I'm trying to do some repairs and I was instructed to assign it a drive letter to mark it inactive but I can't do that from disk management because its not ntfs. I don't really want to have to reformat my linux drive to ntfs just to remove the active flag from it as I never had any intention of using this drive with windows. Any tips?


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The "active" flag in windows is called the "boot" flag by linux.
Its only purpose is to inform the BIOS during the boot sequence which partition on the boot drive, contains the boot manager. Hence only one partition per drive can be active.
Partitions marked active on any other drive, (HDD or flashdrive) have absolutely no effect unless you place them at the head of the BIOS boot priority.
You do not need to change the status of the flag on any non-boot drive. Just ignore them.
Any partition manager will flip the bit in the partition table of the drive (that's all it is), but you should not change the active status of any partition unless you know precisely what you are doing and why you are doing it.
A mistake could make your PC unbootable without the use of a bootable partition manager to rectify the error.