Can i install windows XP on a system thats already dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu?

Hey folks this is my first post here!!

I am dualbooting windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04 with grub 2 as the bootloader!!

Can i install windows xp?? On a separate partition altogether? But i fear if windows xp bootloader will completely wipe off grub 2 bootloader!!

Like for eg if if i install windows xp and add two entries to it!! One of windows 7 and other of linux grub specifying each of its bootloader device?

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Mak 2.0

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Yes you can install XP. Yes it will wipe the GRUB2 Boot Loader. Just have to load up the Ubuntu CD and fix your GRUB.

XP will never have entries for itself and Windows 7. XP itself can only have the option for XP. It uses and outdated boot loader called the boot.ini file. The BCD which EasyBCD is created around is based off of the boot loader used by Vista/Win7/Win8 and that can have entries for everything and boot to them all directly using our software.

You could also just stick with GRUB and have that do the booting for you and modify it to add XP.


Mostly Harmless
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No problem. Good luck.