Can I Move the Windows Boot Manager to Another Drive?

My computer has three hard drives. I have Windows XP installed on one drive (G) and Windows 7 installed on a separate drive (C). I was having trouble with the dual boot and used EasyBCD to eventually straighten things out. While using EasyBCD, I realized that when I installed Windows 7, the Windows Boot Manager was actually installed on my third hard drive (D).

While in Windows 7 today, I have received two messages saying the my D: drive is on the verge of failing. I am worried that if it does, I will be unable to boot either operating system.

Is there some way that I can move the Windows Boot Manager to one of my other drives, preferably the C: drive, and eliminate the use of the D: drive for booting?

Thanks for your help.

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I did some additional searching of the forum and came across the following link that I believe addresses my question:

Changing the Boot Partition

I will attempt this and post my results.

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I made the change as directed in the above "Changing the Boot Partition", and the Windows Boot Manager now seems to be on the C: drive as I wanted. I can still properly boot into Windows 7. However, when I try to boot into Windows XP, I now have a "NTDETECT failed" error. It appears that both the NTDETECT and Ntldr files are both on the XP drive, so I cannot figure out why there is an error. Any help would be appreciated.


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Delete the XP entry from the BCD and add it again.
Let EasyBCD auto-configure.