Can I perform a virus scan/repair after booting to the Recovery CD?

My friend's laptop got a virus & he didn't get any CD's with his computer, and no backups exist. I downloaded the recovery disk (which I believe to be an excellent value at ~$10) and successfully repaired the MBR. I also successfully completed two check disk's. Now when I try to boot to the hard drive, it just spontaneously reboots, and when I boot to the CD the only thing I seem to know enough to try is the "auto repair" which just does another check disk.

I can browse the folders on the hard disk, but I'm not sure what else I can use the tool for to fix the issue. Seems like a lot of nifty things on there - such as being able to access the internet to try and do some type of virus scan. When I try to set up the wireless it asks for the default root password. Tried "/" and "" (blank) to no avail.

Is there any virus scanning software on the disk? (doubtful for $10, but had to ask)

Is there documentation available either online or on the disk that might turn up my brightness a few notches?

Of course any suggestions, comments, encouragement, constructive criticism, argument or debate is welcome too. Thanks