Can you add a 'Divider' Item to the Add New Entry menu?


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I'm trying to somehow do this in the UI, by adding something I don't want to select but will use as a divider. It doesn't seem to like dashes (or at least, JUST dashes).

EasyBCD also doesn't handle the errors very gracefully - invalid name entries result in "Insufficient System Resources exist to complete the requested service"... It's exactly what bcdedit puts out, but this doesn't seem accurate. It'd be better to validate what bcdedit requires, if possible.

It looks like there's some sort of limit for non-alpha characters, I can make "+++++++++++++++++++++" or ".....................", adding one more character generates the error. 21 characters seems rather random to me, does anyone know the rules for this?

In any case, what I'd really like is just some sort of divider that can't be selected, but I want something to divide my locally installed OSes (Win8 with various options, and Slax) versus my OSes on removable media. Any chance you could add that in?



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Hey, thanks for the bug report!

Let me look into this and see what I can do.