Cannot boot EasyRE USB on UEFI laptop - CANNOT disable UEFI boot in Bios

Laptop - Asus UX390UAK Win 10 Pro - . Created the bootable usb with Easy USB Creator and the Easy RE Pro iso per instructions. BUT - the laptop always looks at the usb stick then tries to boot from the borked Win10 bootloader. Yes I have set the boot priority to the USB stick. The machine is in the diagnosing/attempting to repair your PC loop.

Is there an alternative method to create a UEFI boot USB with the EasyRE Pro iso software on it so I can boot and fix my laptop? This laptop has only one USB3.1 (c) port - so whatever system must be able to recognize that kind of USB port.

Thanks for help - This is my MAIN machine (I have backups - I just can't get it to boot so I can restore). I have read all the posts I can find here on UEFI and turning on the CSM mode is not an option on this machine it is permanently disabled


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