cannot boot into windows xp. only into windows 8.

I read several threads but unfortunately could not find a solution. So I ask here.
I have a disk with 3 partitions, 1 with windows xp installed (first install), 1 with windows 8 installed and 1 for data. I installed easybcd2.2 and got a dual boot screen at startup. So I could start xp or win8, but when starting xp, it sometimes restarted during boot. Therefore I uninstalled easybcd to see what happened. After uninstallation, I could not start neither win xp nor win 8. So I tried to start win xp with the windows xp CD, but that failed because after reading the CD, the automatic reboot of the system stopped at appearance of the windows logo.
When trying to boot to win 8, I got the message: "Boot configuration data is missing". This time, I could repair the installation with the windows 8 DVD and boot into windows 8. I then reinstalled easybcd2.2, but got a boot screen only with win 8. So I added win xp manually in easybcd . Win xp showed up in easybcd. But when starting the PC, it automatically boots to win 8, without prior showing of a boot screen. No chance to boot into win xp.
I suppose, that something like a boot record is damaged. Could that be? What can I do?
Thank you for your help.
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It's because Windows 8 lies to you.
It neither shuts down nor boots when you tell it to do those things.
It goes into a disguised hibernation, and resumes from hibernation.
If during that resume, you chose another OS from its "boot" menu, it has no choice but to abandon the pretense of booting W8 and really shut it down, and then start a real boot to get to your boot choice.
You either put up with the double trip through the BIOS to get to non-W8 systems, or go into W8 power options and untick the "enable fast boot" default.
That fabled "W8 fast boot" is the secret hibernation.
Read all about it here
Delivering fast boot times in Windows 8 - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
*******It goes into a disguised hibernation, and resumes from hibernation******. [/url]
Thank you very much for that hint. I disabled "fast boot" in win8 and that automatic rebooting stopped. It seemed, that the boot sector of the winxp partition was damaged. It could not be repaired via the winxp recovery console. Once again many thanks and best wishes. putput