Cannot boot into XP after installing XP, with Vista aside

I'm having problems with dualbooting Vista/XP.

The system is a notebook HP HDX16.
Vista is pre installed on C: and the D: is the Recovery partition.
I have read lots ot tuts how to do this, how to do that and all kind of stuff.
I shrinked the C: by 50GB, the C: itself is around 286GB, so no problem.
So I got:
Local Disk C: (Vista Home x64 pre installed)
Local Disk D: (HP Recovery)
Local Disk F: (For XP Pro 32bit)

I have many options about the Intel Storage drivers.
I have usb stick which they contains a floppy drive A: and I can slipstream the drivers into XP installation disk.
However, I won't get the BSOD which can cause by no correct hard drive SATA ACHI drivers crap.

I rebooted the notebook, dropped the XP disc in the dvd drive.
When prompted, I press the any key button lol
So I came into the XP Setup.
I told that bastard to install XP on F:, but for some reason, that little bastard changes the drive letter.
Which made the F: into E: or D:, crap, there goes my D: HP Recovery.
But scratch that, I purchased HP Recovery kit so the XP Setup can eat D:

Alright, I made XP install on that new made partition.
Everything goes fine, like I expected, no BSOD from the missing storage driver.
The setup was finished, it rebooted automatically and I had to hold my mouth.
After HP logo, just a blank black screen with flickering cursor, just only that.
It doesn't go any further, no booting into XP, nor Vista.
So I am left behind with a non-booting notebook.

And using the EasyBCD, I need first to have a working OS, right?
So that program can't used.
And I don't have a Vista DVD.

Can anyone please help me with this trouble?
I need XP because most of my programs and some games won't work on Vista.

Any help would be very appreciated.
The problem is, I cannot boot into XP, nor Vista.
It just stays at black screen with a flickering cursor.

Once the XP installation have been finished, the notebook reboots and there, just a black screen flickering cursor.
The XP doesn't go further.
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Firstly, being wise after the event and no use to you now, but maybe a salutary warning to anyone else who reads this thread in future,
never never never, install an OS into a space which you are relying on identifying by a disk letter.
Disk letters are not physical. You can only identify a space by a letter within a single running OS. Once you boot another OS (and that includes an installation disc, which is a running OS in its own right), that OS will have a completely different map of letters to partitions/drives, as you have found at the cost of your OEM recovery/factory reset facility.
Before running an install, right click the target partition in Explorer, use "rename" and give it a uniquely unmistakable name. The name field, unlike the letter, is physical, and will be written into the MBR partition table, where it can be seen from any booted OS.
End of sermon.
Your main point, when CG says "repair install", that means boot from the XP CD again and select the repair install option instead of a clean new install. It's an option in XP, sadly missing from Vista/7/8, and it should fix any bad system files including the boot.
Well, XP CD doesn;t give me a Repair option.
I could probably get into Recovery Console of XP after the booting into XP CD.
I only got the choice to install XP on the desired partition.

Can you explain more about the umistakable thingy?
I don't think and I can't rename the drive letter, just tried it on my usb stick.
Tho' with Acronis Partition manager can do it, but I don't want to screw it u again.
First I want to know how to install XP next time without being afraid of the blank screen.
The letter won't change. A name will be inserted.
USB sticks are generally formatted as FAT, and therefore only support short names in upper case, as in the attached screenshot from my PC.
It's a good idea to give names to all of your partitions and usb devices, to avoid confusion about where you're putting things, especially if you're going to start multi-booting, where each OS will call everything by different letters.

Repair install is an option after you've selected "install" as if you were going to install a new XP, then it should see the existing one and give you an option of repairing it.


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I found out why a game kept crashing.
It was 3 files from effects and some textures were modified for my like.
Never thought this can happen.
So I installed the LQ version, replaced the water and clouds textures.
Now it doesn't crash randomly.
So after all, it comes all good on it's end.

I like Vista more than XP.
So I removed the newly made partition and gotta stick with Vista after the error is found out why it kept crashing randomly.
Dualbooting between a new OS and old OS, not a good combinations, especially if Vista first installed and on a notebook with Vista on C: and Recovery on D:.

Anyway, I do not have the intention trying to install XP.
I appreciate it all who took the time to help me, really appreciated :smile: