Cannot Get Easy Recovery to boot into Computer


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I have a Dell with Windows 7 Professional. I have tried everything possible within the software suite (system restore, etc.), but it will not boot up normally. I can boot in Safe modes but that is it. I went through the entire EasyRecovery download on another computer, used ImgBurn to create a bootable CD on the lowest write speed I could, and then try to boot the computer from the CD in the boot menu. Nothing happens. The CD drive makes sounds but a simple cursor just blinks in the top right corner of a black screen and never changes. I can open the CD on another computer (as well as the problem one in Safe Mode) and see the contents are there, but I can’t figure out why it will not boot. Any help?


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used ImgBurn to create a bootable CD
Did you burn the ISO exactly as you downloaded it ?
You must not process it in any way. If you thought it was a zipped folder, it's not ! Sometimes Windows filename and filetype defaults or overrides lead people to thing that the file is .RAR or similar.
It's not, it's an ISO despite what any peculiarities of your own Windows configuration might lead you to believe.