Cannot uninstall EasyBCD

The Amateur

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I have an old version of EasyBCD with the current version update. I cannot find a way to uninstall it.
It is preventing Microsoft Windows 10 from showing its own boot manager on startup.
This is unacceptable. Please reply with removal directions for EasyBCD that will allow boot directly to
Microsoft Windows 10 bootloader upon startup.
Thank you.


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It's not the EasyBCD boot manager, it's all Microsoft bootmgr.
EasyBCD is NOT a boot manager, it's a tool for management of the MS bootmgr's BCD store.
It's a Windows .NET application that can only function on a running OS.
Uninstalling EasyBCD does absolutely nothing to your PC except give you back a few kB of disk space it was occupying.

Perversely, the solution to your problem is to reinstall EasyBCD and use it to reinstate the GUI boot.
(Tick the "use Metro..." box in the edit boot menu screen)
(Metro is what MS used to call the GUI boot in W8 till someone claimed prior copyright)

The Amateur

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The "use Metro" suggestion did not work. What I want is to have the Microsoft boot manager automatically appear when my computer boots up. It is not doing this, and the reason is that EasyBCD automatically replaces it. I need to have information that will permanently remove the vector to EasyBCD. This should be a simple matter, and Neosmart needs to provide me with a permanent solution.