Can't boot into Xubuntu 13.04

Hello everyone,
I am having a problem using EasyBCD to dual-boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu 13.04. I will list the way my partitions are set up:

- dev/sda1 // This is my system partition for windows
- dev/sda2 // This is my windows installation
- dev/sda3 // This is my Linux /boot partition
- dev/sda4 // This is my Linux / partition
- dev/sdb1 // This is my Windows documents partition
- dev/sdb2 // This is my linux swap partition
- dev/sdb3 // This is where I installed my /home partition for Linux

I am having trouble figuring out where to install the Grub bootloader so that I can use EasyBCD to dual boot. It seems like I have tried installing it on every partition except dev/sda because I don't want to overwrite the Windows bootloader. Whenever I make an entry for it in EasyBCD, it just gives me this weird grub prompt and won't actually boot into Xubuntu. Windows boots fine. Any input on how to fix this?


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"..where to install.." ?
Surely grub was put in sda3 as part of your Linux installation ?
If you add a linux entry to the BCD and let EasyBCD auto-locate grub2 it should just find it there for you.
I found the problem. I was using UEFI bios and I had no idea it wouldn't work that way. I switched back to legacy and everything is now working fine.


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Yes, MS won't let you boot a foreign OS from UEFI, but you can dual-boot if you put grub in control and let it chain to bootmgr.


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Install Ubuntu and just let it do its thing.
The default action for any Linux install, unless you stop it, is to take control of the boot.