can't get hackintosh dual boot to work


I have Windows 7 on a hard drive, and a hackintosh install on an entirely separate hard drive. The hackintosh boots using Chameleon. I have the hard drive with Windows 7 as my primary disk in BIOS to boot from first.

But, I am trying to use EasyBCD to allow me to easily boot in to my hackintosh also. I am using EasyBCD 2.1.2.

If I add an entry as EFI or as MBR, neither will boot. It doesn't allow me to even specify which disk that the Mac is on. So, how could it know?

To be clear, when I try EFI mode I get a grub> prompt and nothing more. When I try MBR, I get "Chainloader error"
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Not really. EasyBCD w/ Chameleon is pretty hit or miss at the moment.

I have exactly the same situation, as per the question... could you please elaborate on "hit or miss"? Two things:
1. The BCD documentation says that under the Mac OS X tab, there should be a "platform" dropdown, in the latest version I do not see that dropdown,
2. ALSO as the original poster mentions above, there is no way to select the partition.

Any additional insight could be of great help, or is it that, or is like this feature has been dropped altogether?
The issue is this, Apple is very protective of their stuff. They will not release or give out any information on how their boot loader works. Mainly for this reason. It is against Apple's Terms of Use to install OS X on anything but an Apple branded PC. So just by installing Hackintosh you are breaking the law.

As such the only thing we can do is try to get an already working boot of OS X added to the BCD. As stated it is hit or miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. There is no way to determine why some work and some dont as the setups vary and there is little to no information available.

The only thing you can do is try over from the beginning and hope for better luck. As OS X has evolves so has its boot loader causing issues. Back with previous versions there was no issue adding it to the BCD via EasyBCD. But with the release of Leopard and now Lion it has gotten trickier with no way to diagnose or fix the issues that have been presented.