Can't repartition Vista laptop

I'm new to using Vista and Ubuntu and would like to have a dual-booting laptop. The laptop I have has Vista Home Basic loaded. I tried to follow the Ubuntu tutorial on this website to make it dual-boot, but ran into a problem when it called for creating/resizing the partitions. There was no option in the Ubuntu manual repartitioning tool to resize existing partitions. Vista has used all the available harddrive space, so I can't create a new partition without destroying the existing ones. If I do this, then I will have to reload Vista. Is there a way to resize and not have to start from scratch?
Hi DWG, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Of course - grab yourself a free copy of GParted live CD and use it to resize the Vista partition and set up your hard drive just the way you want it :smile:
GParted -- LiveCD
Can't boot Linux partition

Gparted worked great! I continued through the tutorial to install Ubuntu. The installation gets to the very end where it is installing Grub. I changed the location to (hd0,4) where the Linux partition is. I receive a fatal error saying it can't install Grub at that location. I reviewed some more postings on your site and found a similar problem. So I also tried (hd0,3). Same fatal error. I rebooted anyway and I can see the Linux partition in BCD. So I created an entry and tried to reboot to it. The chooser menu comes up, but when I select the Linux boot option, I get a screen saying it can't find it. Not sure where to go from here. Please help with suggestions for fix actions.

I think there is a problem with the Instructions Guru. Not by you but i think a bug in Ubuntu.

Cause i can confirm changing the GRUB install path to anything but hte default (hd0) causes this Fatal Error. Which is why i dont use EasyBCD for dual boot with Ubuntu. I just use the GRUB menu.

Is there anyway we can confirm if this is a Ubuntu bug or some other issue that many of us members ahve come across.
I'm starting to think so too....
I installed it in a VM and didn't have any problems - but that doesn't mean much given how controlled the circumstances were.

I'm going to change the instructions to take advantage of EasyBCD's GRUBless Linux option until this gets sorted out.