Can't restore bootloader


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I had windows XP installed on C: and windows vista on D: and had a dual boot system, with the vista bootloader being on C:. Later I formated C: and reinstalled XP on it, now I want to restore the vista bootloader, so I can boot back into vista. I downloaded EasyBCD and on start up it says that there's no vista bootloader and if I would like to configure it now. I press "yes" on all prompts, but when I try running it again, it just asks the same questions all over again.

Any help would be appreciated
Hy eremini, Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm afraid you're going to have to boot into the Vista DVD, select advanced options, startup repair, repair my startup.

It's not something that can be fixed from EasyBCD or any other application running in Windows.

That should take care of it. Post back and let us know what happens :smile:

BTW - you're going to have to use EasyBCD to add XP to the boot menu, it's not going to be there.