Can't Write MBR

I'm trying to write a VHD boot to my MBR using EasyBCD. Yet, when I restart my computer, the boot entry is nowhere to be found (I don't even have a boot menu)! When I open EasyBCD after the restart, it doesn't show the VHD (as if I had never written it in the first place)!

I'm running Windows 7 x64
I have a System Reserved Partition and another partition with the Windows 7 Install.
Custom PC Build, not OEM PC.

EDIT: I'm using a BIOS that supports both UEFI and regular BIOS. Windows 7 is not installed in UEFI mode (due to lack of UEFI support in Windows 7).

EDIT 2: To detail my exact steps:
  1. I add the entry pointing to my VHD
  2. I click Write MBR
  3. Restart
EDIT 3: Here is a copy of my Disk Management
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Mostly Harmless
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"Write MBR" just makes sure that the Windows Bootmanager MBR is used. It has no effect on the entries or if they're shown or not. If you can boot into Windows Vista+, it's definitely not needed.

After you use the add VHD feature, does a new entry appear on the EasyBCD main screen?