CD-ROM Drive missing in XP, not in Vista

I am new to this forum so please bear with me.

I have a F-S Amilo LI1818 notebook with Vista installed and wanted to create a dual boot with XP ( as I prefer this OS ).....

I have a Windows XP PRO disk, so I used NLite to create a new XP cd (to include SATA drivers, as no hard drives could be seen initially when I tried to load this).

I then used Easy BCD as a bootloader (with success), and I can now boot into Vista or XP on start up, which is great.......

However......... the big issue I do have now is that I cannot see my CD/DVD-Rom drive in XP (Optiarc DVD RW AD-7540A ATA Device), it has now totally disappeared within XP, and I can't therefore load any software, play games, or burn cd's, dvd's etc... in XP which is really frustrating.

Any ideas as to how I can try and retrieve my missing cd-rom drive in XP please, it is still there in Vista, and I have looked for some drivers for this, but having no joy whatsoever.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....

Kind Regards.....

Sean !!!
Hi Sean,

This is not a dual-boot related issue: once you get into XP the bootloader has nothing to do with anything.

Check the device manager and attempt to uninstall and reinstall the CD ROM drive from there.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but where should I post this thread then please ?

Thats the whole point though, my CD/DVD-Rom drive is not found anywhere in Device Manager in XP !!

Kind Regards....

Sean !!
I've already moved the the thread to the correct location for you :smile:

Have you tried the "show hidden devices" option in the view menu in the device manager?

nLite is notorious for screwing things up - I wouldn't be surprised if that's the cause of your problem.
Hey OEM_guy, thanks for the link.

I don't know if that also applies for when the CD drive isn't at all listed in the Device Manager?

Thanks for the reply and the link....... I deleted the registry keys exactly like the article explained ( i.e deleting the "upper filters" in the registry ), now I can't boot up into XP at all !!!

It gets as far as the normal blue screen "Windows XP" loading screen and hangs......... so am I totally buggered now then ??

Any more thoughts please, as I have no XP at all now.....

Kind Regards.....

Sean !!!

Sorry to be a pain, but it's not giving me the option to repair now, just to select a spare partition, and install from scratch !

Sean !!
Thanks for bearing with me on this, but it's not recognizing ANY XP instalaltion on PC at all since removing them registry enties ( wish I hadn't bothered doing that now ! )...... so I've had to partition some space, and re-install there...... couldn't think of anything else - sorry !

Sean !!!
Yeah if it dont recognize any install then you are kinda in deep water. Only thing left would be a install.
This time, burn the SATA drivers to a CD or copy them to a floppy, don't use nLite because I think it's what caused your original problem.