Change the order of OPEN WITH when I modify images

When I open up images (photos or artwork) and want to modify, crop, etc, I usually use irfanview. I have it set up as my default choice to modify images. Recently I added a program called GonVisor to read digital comics and magazines and when I right click on an image and use the OPEN WITH option, GonVisor became the top choice on the list because Windows 7 has the list in alphabetical order and Irfanview is second.

Recently I had a problem getting on the internet. I have McAfee Security for my virus protection and firewall and that was working great until recently when they updated their virus protection and there was a compatibility problem with one of the recent windows 7 updates and I got knocked offline and the router didn't "recognize" my computer on our home network so I had to uninstall the McAfee Security Program and reinstall it and that solved the internet connection problem...but now I find firefox, my default operating system, is now first on the OPEN WITH list, then GonVisor and Irfanview is third! Also there are other programs on the OPEN WITH list when I want to modify images that I'll never use.

So my question there a way to either change the order of the OPEN WITH list or remove programs that I will never use to modify images without going into the registry...and if I must go into the registy, what are the steps in order I need to do to fix this annoying problem? And yes I know I need to backup the registry before trying to make any changes....


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If you've installed several editors speculatively and no longer use or want them, then uninstalling them will remove them from the right click "open with" menu. (Use something like Revo uninstaller to make sure that all traces are sought out and cleared from the registry).
If you might want to use one in future, then reinstall it without integration into the Windows shell and just execute it directly when you need it.
I don't think it will be a simple job (if possible at all) to affect the menu by hacking the registry, and chances are that Windows will sort it back alphabetically anyway.